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I'm back...

2012-06-21 16:21:09 by golph

And I have arrived, to see who survived the... okay I'm done. I haven't posted in a while due to my disappearance from the internet in order to survive finals. I had a realization during my absence with the help of a close friend; long form animation really isn't my calling. I'll be sweeping my previous project under the rug to be potentially revived at a later date in my mad scientist contraption of a creative process. Instead I will be focusing on...
wait for it...
digital graphic novels. Yes kind of like Faux. No not exactly like Faux. Yes I am nowhere near good enough to create anything that badass. No I'm not foreswearing animation entirely, it just won't be my focus.
I'll probably not be posting any screenshots, as they would reveal too much of the story of each segment. Speaking of story, my current (new) project will be based on a short story I wrote toying with the idea of overexploiting tropes to the point where they become somewhat bearable. Feel free to cringe at that sentence.
In the place of screenshots, I'm going to leave behind a little tidbit of my brain every day, or just something amusing. To kick it off, I give you the song I was referencing in the beginning of the post, which most of you have probably never heard. All credit goes to Nick Buzz and its space alien genius of a frontman, Martin Tielli.


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