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just got back from film camp

2012-07-08 02:41:22 by golph

I was an intern there, so I had hardly any time to work. I also discovered that my backup tablet, which I brought with me to the great white north, doesn't actually function with the pen anymore, so I'll be producing a rather limited number of frames in the near future.
internship was good fun, but dear christ was it ever exhausting. I didn't know from day to day or hour to hour wether I'd be writing music, washing dishes, sanding a bus, or chopping down a giant fucking tree and breaking it into toothpicks. Yes I actually had to do that. No I still didn't get paid.
In order to make up for my lack of animatability, I've been working with 3d and writing more. I'll post screenshots and possibly samples if that ever becomes viable, but for now, I give you a rare image of myself. This picture in particular is of by far the finest moment in my acting career, which just so happened to be four days ago

just got back from film camp


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