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I am dead

2012-07-17 06:21:19 by golph

see that fancy dead face? that is me. On the plus side, I've all but finished my first installment of my digital graphic novel, which will be a pilot in the sense that it's just being flung out there to measure response to this style of storytelling and will be used to show me how much work I should put into later episodes. and yes, there will be at least one later episode. this one will be the roughest art wise out of any though, so brace yourself, internet.

on a different, more non sequitur note, I was digging through my old bookmarks from when I used to spend way too long on memebase when I found this gem. In my sleep deprived state, I honestly shat myself laughing.
the rabbit

night all, Imma go sleep for 12 hours now


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