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can't sleep

2012-03-14 01:08:16 by golph

torque will eat me

can't sleep

week 4 update

2012-03-13 01:10:22 by golph

Been doing some long term planning on my project. which is silly, and I'm not going to share any, but oh well, I'm a silly person. didn't get many frames done, but perfected a lot of the lipsyncing for the chars who needed it.

and without further ado, screenshots of the sexiness that is the back of torques head.

week 4 update

Week 3 update

2012-03-06 19:09:05 by golph

well okay it's really like week 5 but I don't care.
I've run into a bit of a problem with my voice acting pool while I was sick, so until I get that sorted out I won't be working quite as much on my main project, although I'm not abandoning it by any means.

In the meantime I've been doing quite a bit of writing, starting a secondary project there to keep myself amused... a sort of noir detective thingy. and it includes the line "a tightly tied knot of pain in the glorious fecal chute of the world." What's there not to like?

And of course, screenshots of my main project

Week 3 update

Haven't been posting/animating a lot lately due to my recent acquisition of some ungodly alliance of the flu, the common cold, and a mild case of food poisoning. together I call it; "the revenge of the northernly beefsteak."

honest, some debilitating biznasty up in there.

anyway, I'll be getting back on the animating track this week, more updating on the way. peace.

Week 2 Update

2012-02-13 08:41:49 by golph

Heres week two done... somehow in between all the homework and procrastination (APB reloaded is a terrible terrible thing for anyone with creative aspirations) I managed to get a fair bit of animation done... and have now gone into a FLASHBACK

~~~waynesworldesque transition and all~~~

but yeah. or not quite... more like a cutback, since nobody is actively remembering. I leave you today with a screenshot of Torque, a character with absolutely no plot significance who was given an unreasonably badass name in order to compensate.

Week 2 Update

Moisture shave they say? Lies, I say. Impregnation hazard I say.

honest, this shit is disgusting. remind me to never deviate from my usual brands again.

Elnias Skleidejas first character card

2012-02-04 18:55:43 by golph

just finished up the first character background card, I figure I'll post those as I create them. I won't usually post this often, this is just a special occasion.

These cards go into my current project as scene dividers, and aid in revealing the boring backstory shit I really don't want to spend time animating yet.

and without further ado, I give you:
*drum roll*
Elnias Skleidejas!
yes he's a furry. bite me. or don't, you could give me a disease

*EDIT apparently newgrounds can't handle baltic e's. my bad

Elnias Skleidejas first character card

Starting from the middle

2012-02-04 08:26:03 by golph

Figured I may as well keep a log of my progress in animation, despite the fact that I'm in the middle of a project. Then again, there's no time in life that isn't a shitty time to start something new, so by that logic, there's no time like the present. The present being ballsed out early, some sort of greyish blue, predawn excuse for a winter sunrise that never packed its bags and came to visit.

The aforementioned project is of the ambitious sort, not my first, persay, but the first I might actually whip into shape. An animation that follows four fugitives on a boat. And I tell you no more. Because I'm a jerk.

deal with it


Starting from the middle