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wooo closure!

2013-01-05 01:54:03 by golph

I'm closing in on the end of the project I posted about last... probably not going to post it just because it would make absolutely zero sense to anyone ever at all, but I've deffs learned a lot.
actually I only really learned one thing
I fucking love the blur tool.

as an exercise in working with effects, I've started a short set in the world of the first project I was posting about on here. Its much simpler than the last one to avoid obnoxious voice actor problems.


back in the saddle <=(clevergayjoke)

am I the only one

2012-11-17 18:05:23 by golph

who finds assigning the personalities of characters actors played in one movie to the personalities of other characters they play? just think for a moment how different greys anatomy would be if one of their top surgeons was secretly a sociopathic dog rapist in red leather

I just watched wilfred

2012-11-03 23:52:39 by golph

for the first time. I think it broke my brain.

on a flash note, I haven't had time to work on any serious animation, but I've been playing around with code and such. It's actually surprisingly easy having learned a little more C++


2012-10-12 19:31:19 by golph

from a long ass personal vacation. I should be getting back to animating soon, but I'm taking a programming class so I may not be terribly productive.

I am dead

2012-07-17 06:21:19 by golph

see that fancy dead face? that is me. On the plus side, I've all but finished my first installment of my digital graphic novel, which will be a pilot in the sense that it's just being flung out there to measure response to this style of storytelling and will be used to show me how much work I should put into later episodes. and yes, there will be at least one later episode. this one will be the roughest art wise out of any though, so brace yourself, internet.

on a different, more non sequitur note, I was digging through my old bookmarks from when I used to spend way too long on memebase when I found this gem. In my sleep deprived state, I honestly shat myself laughing.
the rabbit

night all, Imma go sleep for 12 hours now

just got back from film camp

2012-07-08 02:41:22 by golph

I was an intern there, so I had hardly any time to work. I also discovered that my backup tablet, which I brought with me to the great white north, doesn't actually function with the pen anymore, so I'll be producing a rather limited number of frames in the near future.
internship was good fun, but dear christ was it ever exhausting. I didn't know from day to day or hour to hour wether I'd be writing music, washing dishes, sanding a bus, or chopping down a giant fucking tree and breaking it into toothpicks. Yes I actually had to do that. No I still didn't get paid.
In order to make up for my lack of animatability, I've been working with 3d and writing more. I'll post screenshots and possibly samples if that ever becomes viable, but for now, I give you a rare image of myself. This picture in particular is of by far the finest moment in my acting career, which just so happened to be four days ago

just got back from film camp

I'm back...

2012-06-21 16:21:09 by golph

And I have arrived, to see who survived the... okay I'm done. I haven't posted in a while due to my disappearance from the internet in order to survive finals. I had a realization during my absence with the help of a close friend; long form animation really isn't my calling. I'll be sweeping my previous project under the rug to be potentially revived at a later date in my mad scientist contraption of a creative process. Instead I will be focusing on...
wait for it...
digital graphic novels. Yes kind of like Faux. No not exactly like Faux. Yes I am nowhere near good enough to create anything that badass. No I'm not foreswearing animation entirely, it just won't be my focus.
I'll probably not be posting any screenshots, as they would reveal too much of the story of each segment. Speaking of story, my current (new) project will be based on a short story I wrote toying with the idea of overexploiting tropes to the point where they become somewhat bearable. Feel free to cringe at that sentence.
In the place of screenshots, I'm going to leave behind a little tidbit of my brain every day, or just something amusing. To kick it off, I give you the song I was referencing in the beginning of the post, which most of you have probably never heard. All credit goes to Nick Buzz and its space alien genius of a frontman, Martin Tielli.

Week 6 and 7 update

2012-04-01 17:19:55 by golph

Didn't have time to do an update last week due to end of quarter crunch time. which means that this is going to be a science fiction double feature picture show.

Anyway, over the past two weeks I've been doing quite a bit of animating. Week one was devoted to the completion of the fight scene. It was a learning process. but more importantly, I never have to do that again. until next time.

Week two I ended up getting a new tablet, so I spent most of my time getting used to that. my art style remains mostly unimpacted, but everything is much, much easier now.

I leave you with my final frame of the week, adios

Week 6 and 7 update

Week 5 update

2012-03-19 02:09:58 by golph

Started into a more intensive scene this week, a rotatalicious fight scene. It's the first scene of its type I've ever tried, and so far it's going pretty well. The frames are still pretty rough though, so I won't be putting up a shot of it.

On the writing front, process has been slow, I've just been dicking around getting more in touch with my characters. May or may not be doing big things in that field this week.

Anyway, pre fight scene screenshot for today, and then I go to sleep. school calls to me.

And no, the man in brown's character is in no way related to the assassins creed franchise.

And yes, Elnias is totally checking out his ass.

Week 5 update